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Your success is the goal,
Technology is the way

We build an effective digital transformation strategy with technological solutions and a solid infrastructure to implement your plans for innovation and growth.


Leaders don't succeed on their own

We have built the largest digital ecosystem in Mexico with 40 data centers guaranteeing the continuity, latency and innovation of the leading companies in various industries.

Our solutions are designed to support you in achieving your business objectives

40 world-class Data Centers

Mastery of highly complex and mission-critical IT operations

Ad-hoc geographic coverage serving the largest IT user base

Certified Industry Specialists


Start today and go further

Due to its flexible, scalable, secure and low-cost nature, the Cloud is vital for the digital transformation of your company. If you need to migrate or optimize your cloud strategy—it doesn't matter what stage you're at, the type of cloud or who your provider is—at KIO Networks we make it possible.


Protect your digital assets

We protect your IT investments and safeguard your assets and operations from a cyber attack, through different solutions: proactive (based on Artificial Intelligence), preventive (taking advantage of the experience of our certified specialists) and active, in the event of a cyber attack.


Accelerate the pace of your Digital Transformation

Through the use of digital, hybrid and innovative solutions that are based on Artificial Intelligence and automation, we help you reinvent your processes to reduce costs, avoid risks, optimize customer experiences and increase the resilience of your organization.


We boost your investment in IT

We are an extension of your technology team. Our certified specialists ensure that your technological solutions provide the expected results.


Find out what our clients think about the solutions that KIO Networks provides


"Having an ally like KIO Networks has taught us that this can be done. And that as an institution we can have access to vital information more quickly."

José Antonio Monroy
General Manager of the Mexican Red Cross


“A fluid and efficient implementation, done collaboratively. With great capacity for adaptation when we needed precise adjustments at that time.”

Guillermo Orive
IT Director at Ontex México


“This is yet another one of our achievements. It is the result of everything we do, especially with the talent, experience, discipline, and knowledge for which we are known. We are perfectly prepared for the future."

Sergio Rosengaus
General Director KIO Networks Group