Blackburn connects people across organizations around the world. We provide our customers with customized solutions to fit their needs. Our core business is the wholesale of IP & Data transport, providing global connectivity solutions to fixed and mobile carriers, ISPs, OTTs, CDNs and corporate customers with extensive network coverage between USA, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Region, and South America. In addition, Blackburn provides Cloud and Colocation Services to its clientele in collaboration with Global International Carriers.


Blackburn manages its own spectrum of capacity with technologically advanced network equipment, in a high capacity fiber optic submarine cable system with over 100,000 km of fiber, including one of the two highest capacity systems in the world, BRUSA, linking the United States, Puerto Rico and Brazil.





  • IP Transit 
  • Dedicated Internet 
  • Broadband

Our network provides one of the fastest and most reliable internet experience available with Tier 1 IP services thanks to our relationships with leading global carrier partners including; Telefonica, Cogent and Telia.



  • Wavelengths 
  • Ethernet 
  • Dark Fiber

Capacity Services with highly scalable bandwidth and low-latency connectivity. With exclusive capacity in BRUSA1 and PCCS, a submarine cable system of over 15,000 km in length linking Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza (Brazil) with San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Virginia Beach and Jacksonville (USA) .



  • Collocation 
  • Virtualized Infrastructure 
  • Cloud Direct Connection

With presence in major data centers in USA, Puerto Rico and South America We offer a variety of service levels, giving clients the ability to choose the right level of service at the right location.



  • Arbor DDoS Protection 
  • Cyber & Security 
  • Global Threat Intelligence 
  • Mitigation System

Our product portfolio spans both enterprise and service provider environments, unlocking the power of IP-based data to give you the visibility, security, performance, usage and experience insights needed to deliver uninterrupted, flawless services to your customers.


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