We are a 100% neutral infrastructure provider for all communication operators through dark fiber, ethernet and internet leasing, as well as BTS towers.

neutral networks

About the company

Founded in 2016, with 500+ employees.



Network Ecosystem


  • Santa Fe 2 (MEX|2)

  • Interlomas (MEX|4)

  • Tultitlán (MEX|5)

  • Querétaro (QRO|1)

  • Monterrey (MTY|1)

Neutral Networks

We have points of presence in 10 cities: Tijuana, Ensenada, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Saltillo, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, Guadalajara, Toluca, Cd.Victoria and the primary data centers in Mexico City. We have our own national long-distance network between Monterrey and Saltillo and International between Monterrey and Laredo, Texas, in the U.S.A. We offer our internet services directly from Tier 1 providers. All our cities are interconnected, and we have our own routes that connect the leading data centers nationwide, including our point of presence in Dallas, Texas (Stemmons).

Services and solutions

High Availability Ethernet Transport Services

Metro area National and International long distance. 10M to 10G standard product capacities and greater capacities as special projects.

Leasing of Dark Fiber by Strand Pairs/km

Up to 6 pairs or greater as special projects. Contract terms: 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20 years. After ten years, IRU is optional. Offer by km or wholesale.

High Availability Internet Access by Tier 1

Suppliers with 10M to 10G capacities as standard service and higher capacities as special projects.

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