MCM Telecom is a carrier with 25 years of expertise supplying advanced telecommunications services through the most modern and advanced optical fiber network in the major cities of Mexico.


About the company

Founded in 1995, with 500 employees.



Network Ecosystem

Cloud Ecosystem

IT Services Ecosystem


  • Santa Fe 1 (MEX|1)

  • Santa Fe 2 (MEX|2)

  • Santa Fe 3 (MEX|3)

  • Interlomas (MEX|4)

  • Tultitlán (MEX|5)

  • Querétaro (QRO|1)

  • Monterrey (MTY|1)

MCM Telecom

MCM Telecom is a Mexican carrier with 25 years of expertise supplying advanced Telecommunications services exclusively for companies and institutions through the most modern and advanced optical fiber network in the major cities of Mexico. We have extensive experience in the design, implementation, and operation of high availability and high-capacity networks, making MCM a trusted provider for many of Mexico’s top enterprises of diverse segments.

Services and solutions

Internet B4B

Dedicated internet access optimized for companies guarantees privacy and speed in a completely secure link. We are directly connected to the leading global networks (ISPs and CSPs) and have a diversity of direct peering connections to offer security, speed, and quality in the transfer of information of companies/websites that provide a more significant amount of local and global content.

Private Ethernet Links

Layer 2 private links that connect multiple locations as Data Centers, corporative subsidiary offices or industrial parks for simultaneous transfer of data, voice and video in a safe and fast way with the best performance. Considering it is an ethernet solution, the exchange of data is entirely private and transparent; the information never leaves our infrastructure. In addition, our network is designed with much stricter standards to transport high capacities in completely annealed and dedicated networks, certified with MEF and CE.

Cloud Connect

We provide direct access to cloud services, privately and securely. The customer information goes through a private ethernet link directly to the cloud partner instead of going through the public internet domain. For that reason, it provides data security, lower latency, and the release of internet bandwidth.

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