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  • Phone Service. Voice service by volume that allows calls to fixed and mobile lines with national and international coverage. 

  • Dedicated Internet. Service which provides access to the best connection to the global internet cloud through an exclusive broadband, which is not shared with any other client.

  • L2L. This service is provided through a point-to-point circuit to create private networks by interconnecting the customer's address to transmit all kinds of information (voice, data, and/or video).

  • MPLS. Service that allows the integration of voice, data, and video in one single platform guaranteeing performance and availability.

  • SIP Trunk. A solution where the analog lines or voice channels change the concept to sessions or links via communication software between an IP switch or IP PBX and the Maxcom soft switch, allowing phone calls by transmitting data packages under the internet protocol with Maxcoms own link for IP access.

  • Ethernet carrier. Service that allows access to the internet and communication between local area networks (LAN) of the organizations.

  • Configuration of VPN Services. Service that allows the user a secure remote connection to the company's network through a VPN.

  • Mobile Web (MiFi). A specialized solution for internet connection for devices with constant movement, hard access, or when there is no infrastructure for cable connection. 

  • SMS. Short message service (SMS) quickly and efficiently, from anywhere with internet access, through a communication platform with which it will execute bulk SMS text messaging without infrastructure investment.

  • Max Communicator. Unified communication solutions that allow the integration of voice applications, video, and mobile devices as services.

  • Maxcom Meet. A video collaboration tool that efficiently connects people and allows them to have work meetings from a distance.

  • Maxcom UC & Cloud PBX. Virtual switchboard solution (Cloud) that enables to have audio conferences, read voice messages, record calls, virtual extension, etc.

  • Maxcom Cloud & Call Contact Center. Call Contact Center Cloud solutions. Allows the communication between clients and agents from anywhere by setting up a call center on demand.

  • Maxcom ChatBot. Virtual assistant with real-time interaction with customers that help with the automation of customer service, sales, and support processes.

  • Maxcom Analytics. Monitoring and collecting of productivity parameters of essential activities of contributors in a work team. 

  • Maxcom Suite. Office 365 License, access to Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, and Stream. Allows mobility and vitality to the organizations using collaborative work tools.

  • Maxcom Omni-channel. Communication solution utilized to improve customer experience, allowing the direct interaction between the company and client through multiple digital channels at the same time.


Network Ecosystem

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Santa Fe 1 (MEX|1)
Santa Fe 2 (MEX|2)
Interlomas (MEX|4)
Tultitlan (MEX|5)
Queretaro (QRO|1)

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