MARCATEL is a Mexican company, a key service provider in Telecommunications, linkages and video and voice, through a MEF 2.0/3.0 certified network.


About the company

Founded in 1971, with 300+ employees.



Network Ecosystem

Cloud Ecosystem

IT Services Ecosystem


  • Santa Fe 1 (MEX|1)

  • Santa Fe 2 (MEX|2)

  • Santa Fe 3 (MEX|3)

  • Interlomas (MEX|4)

  • Tultitlán (MEX|5)

  • Querétaro (QRO|1)

  • Monterrey (MTY|1)


Marcatel is a Mexican company, a key service provider in Telecommunications video and voice.


  • Private line (Ethernet carrier). Marcatel offers national and international linkages through a certified network in MEF 2.0 and 3.0
  • Internet in various modalities. Dedicated, Burstable and Broadband.
  • Voice services, IP PBX, SIP trunk, 800.
  • Unified communication.
  • EDGE Security.
  • Routers and Firewalls Virtualization.
  • Managed Services.
  • Messaging Services: SMS, MMS, and Blaster

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