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We are specialists in cloud computing solutions. We help companies detect, resolve, improve and innovate their technological requirements through the design, implementation, and operation of solutions based on the cloud. 

Your information on the cloud is always available, whether it's public, private, or hybrid.

We develop platforms operated by our talented staff, with certifications and the necessary processes to offer the easiest and quickest road to adopting the cloud and building the infrastructure that your company needs.

Founded in 2005.



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  • Cloud Database Migration. An on-premise service of database analysis and migration to a pay-per-use model in the Public Cloud. It's time to migrate your databases towards the cloud and invest in your company's growth. At Wingu Networks, we focus on migrating your information to the main public clouds in the market, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and HUAWEI. 

  • Server Migration. Upgrade your computing infrastructure and optimize your resources with innovative, scalable, and highly accessible components that public clouds offer. Guarantee the continuous operation of your company and benefit from the power of the cloud, optimizing costs with low demand infrastructure. The potential of the public cloud combined with adequate services will serve for a smooth transition.

  • Remote Work as a Service. Ensure the operational continuity of your employees through remote work. Deploy remote work based on a solid, available, flexible, scalable, secure, and high-performance infrastructure. A powerful home office workstation link to the cloud, along with a wide range of technology services and products, will let your company function without limitations and allow access to its secure data and applications.

  • Home Office as a Service. Protect your company so that it can remain operational regardless of where, when, or under what circumstances. Also, your labor force can boost productivity and collaboration in a secure, swift, and reliable way. Connect with an innovative workspace through tools based on the cloud + services that will help you unlock the potential of a home office (G Suite, Office 365).

  • Compute & platform solution. Our main goal is to resolve a specific technological need for companies backed by infrastructure, tools, and the necessary services to carry it out. Our solutions are adaptable to different budgets, current status, personnel, and the technology already in place. Our consultants have identified the essential needs for companies in collaboration, efficiency, security, reduction in costs, productivity, and how to satisfy them through a comprehensive solution.

    This design includes:

    • Workload migration
    • Flexible Infrastructure
    • Design elements
    • Business application platforms


  • Continuity Solution.  Protect the continuity and performance of your business by:
    • Protecting infrastructure from natural disasters, human error, and cyber attacks
    • Pay only for what is consumed
    • Automate disaster recovery plan
    • Secure your business operation
    • Back up production and recovery procedure
    • Optimal cloud design


  • Data Solution. Migrate your company's data to the cloud and control the access through:
    • Migrate your company's data to the cloud
    • Control means of access
    • Secure your data
    • Pay only for what is consumed
    • Design control panels
    • Back up production and recovery procedure
    • Optimal cloud design


  • Workspace solution. Enables your company's processes to be more efficient by:
    • Connectivity and contact with your team from anywhere and from any device with internet access
    • Manage workloads and automate workflows
    • Innovate processes
    • Improve response times and decision making
    • Data security
    • Connect processes to make them more efficient and effective
    • Reduce costs by connecting applications
    • Assist in complying with regulatory issues for certification accreditation


  • Public sector consulting. Wingu is an ideal partner to service the public sector in an efficient manner benefiting from digital technologies. We connect people, communities, workers, and companies through our solutions.
    • Modernize your work environment by improving operations, processes, and the system used to satisfy the needs of the industry, and simultaneously your teams will be able to provide better customer service. 
    • Professional consulting. Wingu's great experience in the industry enables us to provide your equipment with greater operational capacity. With our expert's help, we can create the technological solution you need. 
    • Technological solution. We are commercial partners with the most prominent specialized suppliers in the industry, multi-cloud consultants, and we have the experience necessary to design, implement and make your equipment have a high level of adoption capability. This will allow you to be prepared for any challenges and create value for your users.



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