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At KIO Application Management, we design and operate innovative digital and hybrid architecture to boost your business into the future. From the continuous defining, implementation, integration and operation of the digital platforms to their maturity and evolution. 

We transform your business with secure and connected intelligent applications.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Automation
  • User experience
  • Transformation of business processes
  • Integration of intelligent applications

Founded in 2003, with 2,000+ employees.



  • Automattica. Automation of repetitive tasks (RPA). We automate business processes through digital assistants that simulate humans while using applications. Automatica offers digital assistants for high-volume, rule-based, repetitive mundane tasks. Digital assistants take on mundane and repetitive tasks, which revalidates humans with high-value creative tasks.

  • Klickness. A solution geared towards increasing revenue in digital channels and online sales by creating an exceptional shopping experience for the customer, allowing brands to stand out and compete in today's customer-oriented economy.

  • Prophecy. It is an Artificial Intelligence platform that identifies anomalies in services, applications, infrastructure and physical systems and consequently takes action. Prophecy analyses logs, metrics and sensors by Machine Learning algorithms to avoid incidents and improve operation. 

  • SD. It is an integrated service that includes advanced technologies, automatization and a superior labor force for 24X7X365 customer service.

  • Easity. It is an innovative, consumer-focused service with advanced loT based applications, Artificial Intelligence, capacity for massive data analysis that can be utilized in different industries.

  • Remote work management. A platform for home office concepts that facilitates collaboration, productivity, and results, avoiding distracted or highly unproductive work teams. The increment in productivity is 30% to 40% utilizing SW Transparent Business Service.

  • e-xpenses. Cloud expenses and travel costs management system that functions from any device with internet access in real-time, with savings of 30%, smart version.

  • Face Boveda (Vault). Partnership portal with suppliers to receive, validate, approve and follow up on payables.


IT Services Ecosystem

location in kio

Santa Fe 1 (MEX|1)
Santa Fe 2 (MEX|2)
Santa Fe 3 (MEX|3)
Interlomas (MEX|4)
Tultitlan (MEX|5)
Queretaro (QRO|1)
Monterrey (MTY|1)
Guatemala (GT|1)
Panama (PA|1)
Dominican Rep. (DO|1)
Spain (ES|1)
Cuernavaca (CUE|1)
Guadalajara (GUA|1)
Hermosillo (HER|1)
Merida 1 (MER|1)
Merida 2 (MER|2)
Puebla (PUE|1)
San Luis Potosí (SLP|1)
Tuxtla Gutierrez (TXG|1)
Veracruz (VER|1)
Villahermosa (VHM|1)
Xalapa (XAL|1)

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