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At KIO Networks, we provide IT services managed by our certified experts and provide secure environments based on processes, technology and infrastructure to guarantee the sustainability of your business. We have vast experience in high complexity IT services. 

Founded in 2002, with 2,000 employees.



  • Service Desk Solutions. Only point of contact for our customer's operational and technical support to provide assistance, monitoring services and processes related to IT. We deliver a tailored response to your needs by following our procedures for registration, engagement, alert, escalation, closing of events, requests and incidents based on your company's specific needs.

  • Managed Monitoring Services. We provide the IT infrastructure monitoring service that your company needs. Allow our experts to evaluate your platforms' state, report events, performance analysis and adjustments recommendations to avoid flows.

  • SAP Management Solutions. Development of IT strategies (evaluation, migration and operational continuity) for different industries to incorporate SAP solutions in private, hybrid and public clouds. We specialize in developing IT strategies for various sectors, integrating SAP solutions in private, hybrid and public clouds.

  • Data Management Services. It allows you to store, process and guarantee your customer's data availability and reduce costs and risks associated with data loss. 

  • Storage Management Service. Our certified experts in the leading brands of the market, can manage high volumes of storage, helping our clients to secure accessibility and consistency of their data. 

  • Backup Management Service. Our broad expertise in data protection for the public and private sector provides our clients and their companies a secure environment to care for what is most important, their data.

  • Computer Management Services. Managed services in mission-critical, physical or virtual, operating systems. Regulated by processes and standards that guarantee high availability, upgradability and security for IT systems. Thanks to our management of Operating Systems, companies of any sector or size can benefit from minimizing expenses and take better advantage of their computing resources.

  • Network Management Services. We offer Network Infrastructure Management Services for all types of businesses, leaving all the responsibility to us. Management of routers, switches and load balancers is essential in maintaining operational continuity and the adequate functioning and use of the equipment and network infrastructure. 

  • Interconnection Services Management. We assist in integrating different infrastructures and suppliers to the same network, whether it's internet or data links or public and private cloud connections. We serve as a single point of contact to solve service issues from other suppliers, providing support in choosing the best option for your company.

  • IT Outsourcing. We are qualified to take on extensive and complex IT operations under a complete outsourcing implementation plan for different industries.


Network Ecosystem

Cloud Ecosystem

IT Services Ecosystem


Santa Fe 1 (MEX|1)
Santa Fe 2 (MEX|2)
Santa Fe 3 (MEX|3)
Interlomas (MEX|4)
Tultitlan (MEX|5)
Queretaro (QRO|1)
Monterrey (MTY|1)
Guatemala (GT|1)
Panama (PA|1)
Dominican Rep. (DO|1)
Spain (ES|1)
Cuernavaca (CUE|1)
Guadalajara (GUA|1)
Hermosillo (HER|1)
Merida 1 (MER|1)
Merida 2 (MER|2)
Puebla (PUE|1)
San Luis Potosi (SLP|1)
Tuxtla Gutierrez (TXG|1)
Veracruz (VER|1)
Villahermosa (VHM|1)
Xalapa (XAL|1)

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