Akamai is the Edge. Our globally distributed intelligent edge platform surrounds everything, from the enterprise to the cloud, so customers and their businesses can be swift, innovative and secure. Akamai keeps decisions, applications and experiences closer to users than anyone and keeps attacks and threats far away. We expanded the existing cloud solutions to offer a superior user experience, complete results instantly and deliver sustained value to businesses.

Akamai's edge security, web, mobile performance portfolio and OTT solutions are supported by unmatched customer service and 24/7/365 monitoring.

We offer the competitive advantage needed to transform, accelerate, and secure multi-cloud worlds and own their digital future.

Founded in 1999 with 1,900 employees.



  • Security solutions. Intelligent security begins at the edge. The perimeter is becoming increasingly challenging to enforce. That is why Akamai intelligent edge security platform surrounds and protects your entire architecture, core, cloud and edge, to thwart attackers and mitigate threats wherever they emerge. The Akamai security solutions are based on the only intelligent edge security platform in the world located on the web's perimeter and provide uninterrupted protection to websites, applications, APIs and users.

  • Web and mobile performance. Speed up web performance to increase income and conduct business activities globally, on any device, anywhere.  The web and mobile performance solutions at Akamai will help engage consumers with fast and personalized online experiences that will increase income opportunities, increase IT agility and expand global presence. Connected customers can experience fast, intelligent and secure access to websites and applications from any device, anywhere. Meet all your expectations with Akamai's web and mobile performance solutions. 

  • Service and assistance. Whether you are new to Akamai or adopting new solutions, Akamai Professional Services can help your business stay ahead and enhance your return on investment. Our support professionals are available across the globe 24/7 and our dedicated professional services experts serve as an extension of your team. We are here to help you take on the most challenging web experience and security problems businesses face today so you can offer consistent, swift, secure experiences to your customers.

  • Multimedia distribution starts at the edge.


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