Influence of technology on sleep health.

Daily work and personal stress, lack of exercise, fears, anxieties, worries, etc. They can lead us to suffer from serious problems of lack of sleep.


The most common and serious disorders to which sleeping poorly or not sleeping can lead us are:


Insomnia. Although we are tired we cannot sleep.

Hypersomnia. Daytime sleep, with inability to stay awake and alert.

Circadian rhythm disturbances. Not being able to wake up at a reasonable hour (waking up early or very late).

Sleep apnea. Stop breathing.

Somnambulism. Wake up asleep


Have you ever experienced these disorders?


The importance of sleep is basic and vital, since it is during this stage that the body takes advantage of its repair process and obvious rest that helps us perform throughout the day.


Of course there are natural, physical and medical treatments to achieve sleep and these solutions will depend on the medical care you seek or want to treat.


Below I present some important data from a study released by the World Health Organization on this condition, which in my personal opinion is worrying, I who with only 2 days maximum that I have suffered from not sleeping, I have felt quite bad.

  • 40% of the population suffers from sleep problems.
  • 10% suffer from chronic insomnia.

Trying to solve this serious problem, a Chinese company has developed an intelligent pillow that detects head movements, these movements generate changes in the electric field through what is known as triboelectric nano generators; The pillow is then developed with a triboelectric layer to detect these movements, with which the pillow is capable of modulating sleep.


Another interesting prototype is the one developed by a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubai, he suffers from deafness. People who have the same condition as this student face problems such as: not hearing any alarms (seismic, fire, etc.) On this occasion, the technology is applied through the IoT, through an app that connects wirelessly to the pillow and that during an emergency event, creates movements and turns on alert lights to wake up the person in question.


What do you think about these prototypes to improve or maintain the quality of life of users?